Sample inputs and results

These examples consist of input files and scripts to run some BEM3D test cases. If you have installed BEM3D correctly, you should be able to run the script in each directory and generate the results shown here.


Swept wing

This calculates the pressure distribution on a 30° swept wing, whose geometry is given in Sytsma, H. S., Hewitt, B. L. and Rubbert, P. E., AGARD-AG-241, `A comparison of panel methods for subsonic flow computation', 1979. To run it, type: ./roberts in the directory Roberts

Surface pressure

The final output of the script is a set of geometry and data files, in the subdirectory Data, and a visualization of the surface pressure distribution which you can view with: gmsh pressure.pos


Plane wave scattered by a hard sphere

This is a simple acoustic problem, involving scattering of a plane wave by a hard sphere. The script generates a sphere of a given order of refinement and computes the acoustic field as a plane wave of a given wavenumber propagates past it along the positive x axis. To run the calculation for wavenumber 1.0, in the directory Scattering, type: ./scatter -k 1.0, using ./scatter -h to get a list of the options available for changing the mesh refinement, solution method and wavenumber.

Real part of pressure scattered by a sphere at k=1.0.

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